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The Instagram-Page "Schallenbergpass" exists since 2021. The aim is to bring people together. To raise awareness about environmental issues, respect among fellow human beings and organise events. 2022 Launch the merchandise of the Schallenberg pullover. Annually will  be organised a seasonal opening and closing rideout.

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Business Contact: +41 79 730 16 30

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In July 2022, the "Atrium" was founded in the "Atikka Bar" in Bern. With the following purposes:

  • Broadening horizons with cultural/informative inputs, different world views and stimulating dialogue.

  • Bringing together people with open, positive and committed attitudes.

  • To promote a sense of responsibility towards the community as well as professional ethics.


Twice a year layouting the magazine of the SAC-Emmental.

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